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The batchall is the ritual by which Clan warriors issue combat challenges. Though the type of challenge varieswith each ritual, most begin by the challenger identifyong himself, stating what is contested, and requesting that the defender identify the forces at his disposal. Following tha challenge, bidding for what forces will contest the challenge takes place. Defenders may request that the attacker risk something of worth comparable to what the defender is risking in the contest.


2 Stars
10 Mechs


The history of the bloodnamed warriors of a particular Bloodright is called the Bloodheritage.

Bloodhouse Chapels

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Blooding is the ritual in which a Clan cantidate is officially recognized by his Clan, also known as "whelping" in Clan Wolf. Blooding is a complex, ritualistic ceremony. The cantidate must first demonstrate physical prowess in personal combat against two Clan warriors. Then the cantidate must be verbally defended by Clan warriors when he or she is challenges by representatives from other Clans, or else face those representatives in mortal combat.


Bloodname refers to the surname of each of the 800 Warriors who stood with Nicholas Kerensky during the Exodus Civil War. these 800 are the foundation of the Clans' elaborate breeding program. The right to use one of these surnames has been the ambition of every Clan warrior since the system was established. Only 25 warriors, which corresponds to 25 Bloodrights, are allowed to use any one surname at one time. When one of the 25 Bloodnamed warriors dies, a trial is held to determine who will assume that Bloodname. A contender must prove his Bloodname lineage, then win a series of duels with other competitors. Only Bloodnamed warriors are allowed to sit on the Clan Councils or are eligible to become a Khan or ilKhan. Most Bloodnames have gradually been confined to one or two warrior classes, however, certain prestigous names, such as Kerensky, have shown their genetic value by producing excellent warriors in all three classes (MechWarrior, Fighter Pilot, and Elemental). Bloodnames are determined matrilineally, at least after the original generation. Because a warrior can only inherit from his or her female parent, he or she can only have a claim to one Bloodname.

Bloodname House

The warriors bearing or eligible to bear a particular Bloodname form a Bloodname House. The House acts as a subtitude family for the warriors and exerts considerable political influence in the Clans. In some Clans, most notably the Fire Mandrill Kindraas and the Cloud Cobra Cloisters, groups of Bloodname Houses band together to form larger, more powerfull associations. After the first generation, Bloodnames are determinated matrilineary and so a warrior may only claim membership of one Bloodname House.


A specific Bloodname lineage is called a Bloodright. Twenty-five Bloodrights are attached to each Bloodname. A Bloodright is not a lineage as we know the term, because the warriors who successively hold a Bloodrtight might be related only through their original ancestor. As with Bloodnames, certain Bloodrights are considered more prestigous than others, depending largely on the Bloodheritage.


The woven braclet worn by bondsmen is known as a bondcord. Warrriorcaste bondsmen wear a three-strand bondcord on there right wrist, with the color and patterning of the cords signifying the Clan and unit responsible for the warriors capture. The cords represent integrity, fidelity and prowess. The bonholder may cut each strand as he or she fells the bondsman demonstrates and associated quality. According to tradition, when the final cord is served, the bondsman is considered a free member of his or her new Clan and adobed into the warrior caste.


With Bondholder the warrior is meant that the bondsman bound. The Bondholder is responsible for all internalmessages and acts of its body-own. Of course it can decide about the body-own also on lives and dead.


A captured warrior, called a bondsman, is considered a member if the laborer caste unless and untilthe capturing Clan relases him or promotes him back to warrior status. A bondsman is bound by honor, not by shackles. Custom dictates that even Bloodnamed warriors captured in combat be held for a time as bondsmen. All bondsmen wear a bondcord, a woven bracelet. The base color of the bondcord indicates to which Clan the individual belongs, and the striping indicates which unit captures him.


The ritual by witch a warrior avoid the fate of a bondsman is called bondref. Because the Clans consider escaping, after being captured dishonorable, bondsref allows the worrior to die before being given a bondcord, either by suicide or at the hands of an acomplice. Performing the ritual of bondsref after receiving a bondcord is considered cowardly and dishonorable, unless the bondholder gives his or her permission.

Brian Cache

A Clan equipment store, usually one established during the demobilization process Kerensky created upon arriving in the Pentagon worlds. The Name is derived from the Star League Castle Brian fortress.

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