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Clan slang for the eugenics program of the warrior caste. It can also refer specifically to the artificial wombs.

Canister Born

Clan slang for the artificial breeding element of the eugenic program or the trueborn warriors that result from that process.


Clan society is rigidly divided into five castes: warrior, scientist, merchant, technician, and laborer. Each caste has many subcastes, which are based on specialties within a professional field. The warrior caste is based on a systematic eugenics program that uses the genes of prestigious, successful current and past warrior to produce new members of the caste (see Sibko). These products of genetic engineering are known as trueborns. Other castes maintain a quality gene pool by strategic marriages within each caste.


Anything or anyone who challenges the Clan caste system is consideres a chalcas.

Circle of Equals

The set that resembling represents the area, in which a test takesplace. This set is enough from some foot, to ten miles radius for larger fights. Like the name is it already says, only "eqals" permitted in this set to be only fought.


During the fall of the Star League, General Aleksandr Kerensky, commander of the Regular Star League Army, led his forces out of the Inner Sphere in what is known as the first Exodus. After settling beyond the Periphery, more than 1,300 light years away from Terra, Kerensky and his followers settled in a cluster of marginally habitable star systems near a large globular cluster that hid them from the Inner Sphere. Within fifteen years, civil war erupted among these exiles, threatening to destroy everything they had worked so hard to build. In a second Exodus, Nicholas Kerensky, son of Aleksandr, led his followers to one of the worlds of the globular cluster to escape the new war. It was there on Strana Mechty that Kerensky first conceived and organized what would one day be known as the Clans.


Military-political parliamentary party of the clan Cloud Cobra. Organize for a religious belief.


3-5 Trinary/Binary
30-75 Mechs


Each Warrior;s codex is his or her individual identification. It includes the names of the original Bloodnames warriors from which a warrior is descended. It also includes his generation number, Blood House, and codex ID, an alphanumeric code nothing the unique aspects of that persons's DNA. See also Master Codex.


An agreement can be made between the commanders of two units by which the commander of one may include the units of the other in his bidding for rights to a battle or trial. During the invasion of the Inner Sphere, Cluster commanders within Galaxies frequently made contracts to allow greater, and often more extravagant, bidding, yet still maintain a good mix of BattleMech, Elemental, and fighter combat units.


A personal aide to a Star colonel or garrision commander.


A Crusader is a Clansman who expouses the invasion of the Inner Sphere and the re-establishment of the Star League by military force. Most Crusaders are contemptuous of the people of the Inner Sphere, whom they view as barbarians, and of freeborns within their own Clans as well.


The minimum force necessary to win ant trial for which there has been bidding. Bidders who can push their opponent into making a bid below the cutdown are considered clever. Commanders who win with a force smaller than the cutdown are greatly honored.

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