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Ebon Keshik

The Ebon Keshik consists elementary of selected, which the honor has, the gates of the big conclave to guard on Strana Mechty. The elementary armament is black.


Leader of a Cloud Cobra Cloister


The large, muscular infantry derived from the Clan artificial breeding program are called Elementals. Their battle armor suits also are referred to as Elementals.


To escape the unrest of the late 23dr century, many prominent people began emigrating to the stars in the time from 2102 - 2313, a period later known as "the Exodus". More than 1500 worlds were colonized during these years, expanding man's reach to over 150 light years from Terra.

The second Exodus took place when Kerensky appointed himself Protector, and invited the High Council back to Terra. They accepted, and immediately removed Kerensky from his post of Protector and ordered him to disperse his forces among the Hegemony worlds, fearing his popularity would cause problems for their own plans. Unable to come to a consensus, the High Council dissolved itself in August, 2781, with each Lord building his army to seize power for himself. Watching as House Lords offered employment to Amaris's former troops and even SLDF regulars, Kerensky summoned over 100 division commanders and 100 other officers to New Earth on February 14, 2784. In the six months after this meeting, SLDF quartermasters began requisitioning transports and supplies. All of this was paid no attention by the preoccupied House Lords, until they noticed massive SLDF troop movements in midsummer. On July 8, with a one word order, "Exodus", over 1000 vessels hovering at the jump points of fifty star systems jumped outsystem. In an move of incredible scale, over eighty percent of the SLDF disappeared into the Periphery. With the departure of that grat unifying force and its charismatic leader, the Star League era ended forever.

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