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The Keshik unit, usually a Cluster in size, provides the senior Khan's honor guard. All warriors consider service in the Keshik to be the highest honor they can render their Clan.


Leader of the clan touman


Each Clan elects two leaders, or Khans. One serves as the Clan's senior military commander and bureaucratic administrator. The second Khan's position is less well-defind. He or she is second-in-command, carrying out duties assigned by the first Khan. The second, or junior Khan is also known as the saKhan. In times of great internal or external threat, or when a coordinated effort is required of all Clans, an ilKhan is chosen to serve as supreme ruler of the Clans.


Political-military parliamentary party in the clan Fire Mandrill, existing from several blood name houses.


This is a Clan war council. A Grand Kurultai is a war council of all Khans of the Clans. Apparently, a Grand Kurultai may be called only by the ilKhan at any time or place. A normal Grand Council, on the other hand, may only be convened by the petition of three or more Clans, and must be held at the Hall of Khans on Strana Mechty.

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