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Safcon is a clan guaranteed ritual which landing troops to land unhindered in their country zone, without with fire reckons.


Junior Khan of the Clan.


One calls a clan Juniorkhan SaKhan.


A Clan council may cast a veto, or satarra, to settle or postpone disputes between castes within their jurisdiction. Satarra is invoked olny when negotiations seen at an impasse and/or threaten to disrupt the work order of the Clna. It seems to be more a ritual than an act of legislation.


A Clan epithet. ( Swearword )


This word is the ritual response voiced in unison by those witnessing solemn Clan ceremonies, rituals, and other important gatherings. No one is sure if the origin or exact meaning of the word, but it is uttered only with the greatest reverence and awe.


Members of the same Sibko.


A sibko consists of a group of children produced from the same male and female geneparents in the warrior caste eugenics program. The members of the sibko are raised together, then begin to undergo constant testing. As various members fail at each test, they are transferred to the lower castes. A sibko consists of approximately 20 members, but usually only four or five remain at the time of the final test to become warriors., the Trial of Position. These tests and other adversities may bind the surviving "sibkin" together.


Solahma is the Clan designation for a unit made up of warriors who have continued to live and fight past what their society considers a warrior's prime. These units seek assignment to suicidal and otherwise doomed missions in order to win the opportunity to die an honorable death in battle. Most of these units, however, draw only garrison assignments.


5 Points
5 Mechs

Star Captain

Star Captain is justifiable to command a Trinary.

Star Colonel

Star Colonel commands a cluster.

Star Commander

Star Commander have 5 Mechs under itself.


A Clan epithet, probably a combination of the Clan words stran , meaning independent, and vagon, meaning birthing.


2 Novas
10 Mechs / 50 Elementals


This is an apelike lifeform, native on most clan homeworlds. It is mostly used as an insult.


The surkai is the Right of Forgivness. The Clans honor uniformity in thought and belief above all elsein their society. When warriors disagree, when a Clan disagrees with the Clan Council, or when a member of one caste offends a member of another caste, surkai is expected. It is a matterof pride that the offending party freely admit his wrongdoing and request punishment. Those who show great surkai are held up as examples to others for their willingness to accept the consequences of their independent thoughts. Those who do not show surkai when it is expected of them are viewed with suspicion.


The Rede of Forgivness, or surkairede, is the honor-bound agreement between the majority and any dissenters. According to the surkairede, once a dissenter accepts punishment for having disagreed with the majority, he should be allowed to resume his role in society without suffering any further disgrace for having spoken out.

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